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September 6th, 2016    

Tunesquad Episode # 6: History of the Mac

Today we delve into the history of one of the Greatest, most Diverse, and Long Lasting bands of all time, Fleetwood Mac. Craig and Josh tell the tails of the early blues days of the band honing in on Peter Greene; the founder and only guitarist who sent shivers down BB King's Spine. We talk about his heavy influence on the band and his tragic demise. We also discuss some of the greatest most underrated and under-appreciated musicians of all time (Danny Kirwin and  Bob Welch) who helped carry the band through their intermittent years and simply never got the respect they deserved . Enjoy & stay tuned for more new episodes at the beginning of each week.


August 29th, 2016    

Tunesquad Episode 5: Lou’s Liquid Dreams

On this episode of the Tunesquad we part from classic music and take some time to talk about the late great Lou Perlman. We talk about how the fuck he went from owning a blimp company to managing teenage boy bands. We also discuss the weird living situations of all these boy bands. Although Lou Perlman is mainly criticized for pedophilia and ponzi scheming, we feel the biggest detriment he caused to culture was spawning a movement of reality television that started with his creation of Making The Band. Lou you Pedophillic Driven Genius! You really did to Us.

Thanks for the hits and the shit storm of reality tv you brought into this world!
(ps. no thanks for the kid fucking)

August 25th, 2016    

Tunesquad Episode 4: I’m not the one…

In this special Josh's birthday edition episode of the Tunesquad, we start with Ric Ocasek and the Cars (If you're wondering why I spelled it right - it is because of Craig ability to have the album cover right in front of him). We talk about the origin of the band and why their first album was so damn good. 

From there we launched into a battery acid powered finish including but not limited to some of the more obscure characters that play a large role in our actual and fantasy lives.

Finally to our intense following of 3( Craig, Josh and Myself). Much apologies for the lack of output these past few weeks but we're back baby. We'll put up an episode every Monday until the day one of us dies. 

July 31st, 2016    

Tunesquad Episode # 3

Craig, the eldest brother and music knowledge prodigy joins Michael and Josh to complete the Tunesquad for the third episode. The conversation starts with the Beach Boys which goes hand in hand with Craig's influence on our music tastes - and after a short technical hiccup it goes full steam into a three ring circus of fun including but not limited to; Retard Wrangler Bill Mullen, Legendary longtime friend and overall entertainer Michael Rock, Fleetwood Mac, Shitty Dave Matthews and the Rolling Stones.


July 29th, 2016    

Tunesquad Episode # 2

Me and Mike have a talk about the Grateful dead, The cult that follows them around and our own personal experiences with the dead.


July 29th, 2016    

Tunesquad Episode # 1

Mike and I talk about all kinds of music from Zeppelin to Billy Joel's Deep tracks on his Cold Spring Harbor Album. We talk about DIcky Betts being the driving force of the Allman Brothers for a long time. We ponder the question: Did Zeppelin steal from Spirit? and Why they maybe should have.


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