Tunesquad Episode 10: (What’s the Story) Morning Glory ?

Hey folks. On this episode of the Tunesquad Mike and I begin by talking about how were now on the Alt Right. Then we kick it over to our Alt Right correspondant J.W. for him to talk about opressed straight white males. In reality JWbs is just a huge Oasis fan and he called in to talk Oasis and the dynamic between The Gallagher Brothers. We cover how without Liam and Noel being in the Band together it would've never reached it peak, but how without Noel's songs there is no band. Thats evident with the success of Noels solo Career and Liam's Lack of. Great episode with cool insight and personal stories. Anyways check it out and hopefully you dig it. Weekly episodes from now on.


Once again thank you Kaminsky.

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