Tunesquad Episode 11: OnePhishTwoPhish (The Chico Diaries)

We finally did it. We got our main man (fan) James Kaminsky, a Phish Enthusiast and longtime friend to come over and explain the phenomenon that is phish - and more imporantly how he got into this stuff. Of course as is traditional with any Phish episode of the Tunequad podcast - we loaded up on 5 tabs of LSD each and hit the ground running.

We start with the nostalgia that a Jewish ALL BOYS summer camp on Lake Winepesaukee offfers (conselours fondling boys, boys fodling other boys, 2 person bike trips to Mt. Chicora, and traditional camp hyjinx, kick ass comedy skits, and more fondlng).

After the acid started doing it's magic we naturally drfited into the Phish as Craig joins on a call to talk about how James became the fan he is today. From the concert culture to the 95 minute jams, we go through the gambit of what Phish has to offer - and realize we may need to see one of these shows ourselves.

Thanks James and I hope the phish community appreciates your appreciation for the band. I wish I liked anything as much as James likes Phish. See you soon.


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