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July 6th, 2017    

Tunesquad Season 2, Ep 1: Back in the Sac

After a wild break up due to the massive success of this podcast, the three brothers have put aside their egos to rejoin each other for the second season of the Tunesquad.



March 7th, 2017    

Tunesquad Episode 15: Bye Bye 126

Craig rejoins to compete the gang once again to say farewell to our beloved home that we all grew up in. We discuss the choas that ensued during the 15 years we grew up there and how somehow we all made it out alive.  Great episode with great stories and memories. Check it out.


March 7th, 2017    

Tunesquad Episode 14: The Soccer Monologues

On this episode of the tunesquad Mike's old soccer buddy Kenny stops by to reminice about their Albertson days and how it was only a matter of time before Mike was replaced by bigger faster hispanic soccer gods. A cool and unique episode. Check it out.


January 17th, 2017    

Tunesquad Episode 13: Music for the Soul

On this episode out friend Drew rejoins us to talk soul music. We talked for a while and eventually got into some of our favorite soul groups from Sly and The Family Stone to Earth Wind and Fire. Interesting podcast. Check it out.


December 27th, 2016    

Tunesquad Episode 12: The Gang is Back

On this episode of the Tunesquad our older brother Craig rejoins to complete the gang once again. We reminice on our moms ex weirdo boyfriend Gary and how he used to meditate anywhere and everywhere looking like a complete fool. This ones a humdinger with a bunch of funny stories. 


R.I.P. George Michael and Joey boots


December 5th, 2016    

Tunesquad Episode 11: OnePhishTwoPhish (The Chico Diaries)

We finally did it. We got our main man (fan) James Kaminsky, a Phish Enthusiast and longtime friend to come over and explain the phenomenon that is phish - and more imporantly how he got into this stuff. Of course as is traditional with any Phish episode of the Tunequad podcast - we loaded up on 5 tabs of LSD each and hit the ground running.

We start with the nostalgia that a Jewish ALL BOYS summer camp on Lake Winepesaukee offfers (conselours fondling boys, boys fodling other boys, 2 person bike trips to Mt. Chicora, and traditional camp hyjinx, kick ass comedy skits, and more fondlng).

After the acid started doing it's magic we naturally drfited into the Phish as Craig joins on a call to talk about how James became the fan he is today. From the concert culture to the 95 minute jams, we go through the gambit of what Phish has to offer - and realize we may need to see one of these shows ourselves.

Thanks James and I hope the phish community appreciates your appreciation for the band. I wish I liked anything as much as James likes Phish. See you soon.



December 2nd, 2016    

Tunesquad Episode 10: (What’s the Story) Morning Glory ?

Hey folks. On this episode of the Tunesquad Mike and I begin by talking about how were now on the Alt Right. Then we kick it over to our Alt Right correspondant J.W. for him to talk about opressed straight white males. In reality JWbs is just a huge Oasis fan and he called in to talk Oasis and the dynamic between The Gallagher Brothers. We cover how without Liam and Noel being in the Band together it would've never reached it peak, but how without Noel's songs there is no band. Thats evident with the success of Noels solo Career and Liam's Lack of. Great episode with cool insight and personal stories. Anyways check it out and hopefully you dig it. Weekly episodes from now on.


Once again thank you Kaminsky.


October 14th, 2016    

Tunesquad Episode 9: World’s Greatest Rock n Roll Band

On this episode of the Tunesquad our good buddy drew joins us to talk Stones.

We talk about our favorite stones eras among many other things. Check it out.


October 4th, 2016    

Tunesquad Episode 8: Happy Jew New Year/The Madonna Episode

In the car yesterday listening to Lite FM, I found myself shadow drumming so intensely to Crazy For You by Madonna that we had no choice but to start with that very song. After that rim rocking start, we go astray into topics such as the cliche 104.3 "Classic Rock" - Our Rabbi's Pro-Trump rally (sermon) - Craig's 13 year old trip to Vegas with the late great Stanley Nova - and why Uber drivers are constantly craving backpage sex. 

Sorry for the delay - will keep putting up the episodes as much as we can. Thanks James - for sticking with us. This one's a doozy.

P.S. This is a Music Podcast

September 14th, 2016    

Episode 7: The Beegees

In this episode we talk about the Beegees and how they came to be one of the greatest 3 part harmonies of all time. I'd like to think we resemble the band in a lot of ways - especially the fact that we are also a group of 3 brothers who may or may not sing beautiful harmonies. We go into the good stuff such as the drug doing peer pressure tunes of Saturday Night Fever & how that helped propel them to Stardom. Expect a lot of good info from Craig and about as many shitty Barry Gibb impressions from the rest of the team. Be well and see you next week!


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